MONSTA X : Comeback Schedule Is Up! Very Guilty


Starship Entertainment’s Boy group Monsta X, one of the most promising Rookies of 2015 is coming back with another mini album in the coming month.

Part of The Clan series, Monsta X will be coming back this october with “The Clan 2.5 Part 2. Guilty”. Monsta X release ‘The Clan 2.5 part 1 Lost’ not too long ago, around the end of first half of the year. With their track title “All In” and also gifted Mon Bebe’s a song “STUCK” with MV as well.

Starship Entertainment as also released dates for the whole comeback. The album will be out on October 4th.

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X_CLAN: Instruction Manual

Track list will be out on 24th september and follow by “Oath of Hyungwon” and “Oath of Minhyuk” respectively on the 25th and 26th of September as well. The photo teaser on 27th and second photo teaser on the 28th. (Yes, atleast Starship doesn’t want to follow the ‘Surprise the fans’ trend and following the orthodox way of dropping the bomb). Then a teaser (probably the teaser video for their title track) on the 29th. Then the album preview opening the October month. And finally ending with Vapp Live broadcasting on the 3rd of October and Bam! Come-back on the 4th.

Guess you might want to grab that pen next to you and save the dates on your calendar. And be sure to tune into our website for all the updated and more on MONSTA X.  And follow MONSTA X on their twitter page too, click HERE


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