Monsta X as Convenience Store Workers?

Kpop India

The 7 member Starship Ent. boygroup, Monsta X, worked as cashiers at a convenience store for fan service!

What would you do if your favorite K-Pop group surprised you as cashiers in your convenience store? If it were us, we’d definitely be screaming in the most unlady-like manner. Well, some of us might keep our calm. But when Monsta X became cashiers at a store, their fans displayed all kinds of reactions from utter fangirling, to flustering the boys of Monsta X themselves.

It was a hilarious comedy of excited fangirls and even more excited K-Pop idols, and something you should definitely watch. The video uploaded by G25 shows us favourite boys wooing Monbebes as cashiers, workers and even one sweeping the floor!

Check out the comical footage below!


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