MONSTA X to appear in Chinese Web Drama “Good Evening, Teacher”

MONSTA X to appear in "Good Evening, Teacher"


KPOP group MONSTA X will be making their appearance in “Good Evening, Teacher”, a Chinese Web Drama which airs every night at 8 PM (local time) through the famous Chinese video provider iQIYI.
After MONSTA X announced that the group will be making their appearance in the drama, the number of viewers of the drama suddenly increased and on January 29, which was just four days after the premiere episode aired, “Good Evening, Teacher” had the highest number of views among the Chinese Web Dramas.
MONSTA X will appear in the drama as the famous band with the same name which is popular among the students and the teens. The lead characters of the drama meet up at the concert of MONSTA X, where they perform their famous song “Trespass” and show off their amazing dance moves.
A representative from MONSTA X’s agency Starship Entertainment stated that it is a huge privilege for MONSTA X to get to appear in the web drama and they are also thankful for all the enthusiasm and love which they got from the Chinese fans. They also added that the group plans to be active in China so that they can spend more time with the Chinese fans.

Good Evening, Teacher” is a romantic comedy between a Math teacher played by Korean actor Lee Dong Gun and a student played by Chinese actress Guan Xiao Tong.


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