MONSTA X I.M Alerts Us With Mixtape “Horizon”.


MONSTA X’s rapper I.M as one of the most influential rappers of the Era, decided to impress his fans with a new mixtape “Horizon”.

On 15th April, the first artistic purple teaser image of his new mixtape “Horizon” in collaboration with an American singer Elhae.

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From Starship Entertainment

As the clam blue and fierce red fuses to bring out the rare occurring colour in the background, I. M gives us a glimpse of the lyrics to keep us in thirst.

“I love what we have/ don’t you let me down yeh, how can I explain this, come and make me wet by your under”

“I know you want me too, oh don’t hesitate, you’re my home so take me there. Just come over.”

With such lyrics, I.M himself reveals that it is a song that focuses on bringing himself and his beloved Monbebes (Fans of MONSTA X) together. By naming the track “Horizon” which means “the line at which the Earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet”, the track celebrates two extreme getting together.

In addition, A 43 second video teaser was released on April 17 kindles our expectations even more with beeps and I.M’s flaunting face in fraction of seconds. “Horizon” is the second mixtape of the singer after “Fly With Me” which was released in Feburary 2018. After exploring in the field of composing and writing while working with previous MONSTA X albums like Are You There? and We Are Here, our talented maknae is yet again ready to claim us with his new mixtape.

Don’t miss I.M’s new mixtape “Horizon” releasing today at 12:00am, KST. Are you guys excited?


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