MONSTA X I.M Claims With Mixtape “Horizon” and “Scent”


I.M should definitely be sorry for killing us with his croaky vocals.

April 18, became a rollercoaster ride to every Monbebe around the world as I.M blessed them with not one but two heart throbbing tracks under his mixtape series. The tracks named “Horizon” and “Scent” made their own way into the hearts of many. With “Horizon”, I.M’s long-term dream of collaborating with his favorite American singer came true. After years of work and patience, the rapper was finally able to give us a song of his signature.


With threatening alarms and beeps, the R&B track takes off revealing the raw and alluring vocals of the rapper. The slow beat song is a blend of the singer’s colours as a member of MONSTA X and as an individual, lighting on his unseen potential. The low mood set by the English lyrics carries on as the singers come together brushing on a lullaby genre with sexy appeal imposed in a subtle way.

Accompanying the track, the video is also set in a similar notion. The shadow overtaking aesthetic video clip never fails to imprint us with the singer’s flawless face. Dark hoodies or classy suits, anything I.M wears compliments his look and swag. With red, yellow and pink lights flashing on his features, the rapper takes an advantage to stand out with style. Though Elha was not filmed in the same screen as I.M, he marks his presence as an animated mould displayed in a T.V.


The bonus “Scent” available on Soundcloud is another R&B track. The short piece reflects on the memories as the singer confesses “sorry” throughout the chorus. With a calm pace set by the beats, I.M takes us on an emotional ride as we experience the connection with the song in spite of the language barriers.

“Horizon” and “Scent” made most of the Monbebes realize and confirm the camouflaged spirits of their beloved maknae. With more piled in him, we are sure to expect more unique works from the singer.

The track horizon perfectly complements IM’s deep voice along with the melodious one of Elhae paired with a dark psychedelic vibe and sexy lyrics. It’s a genius collab.

The track scent, although a short one, leaves a deep nostalgic vibe as IM says sorry over and over. It has a melancholic setting that evokes certain emotions and feelings while hearing this track. – Sohini Chakraborty

Do listen to the artist’s amazing work by streaming them in Soundcloud.

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