Monsta X Joins VIXX, iKON and More For Chinese Variety Show “The Remix”

Monsta X confirmed to appear on Chinese Variety Show "The Remix"

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Korean hip hop boy band MONSTA X, shall soon be seen battling it out on a dance survival program, “The Remix.” On April 20th, Monsta X’s label agency Starship Entertainment stated that the rookie group shall be appearing on JiangSu TV’s EDM (Electronic Dance Music) survivor program as a contestant.

One of China’s most anticipated variety show, The Remix brings together various Korean and Chinese artists who participate as mentors and men-tee and bring about an entertaining arrangement of remix music and dance while competing. Each participant shall be given a lesson from their assigned mentor and shall put forward a stage by remixing representative Chinese music. About 10 international top EDM mixers shall be helping the mentors and professional music producers remix and remake famous Chinese songs to create international EDM Music.

Monsta X who are already known for their tight choreography shall be participating as men-tee on the show competing with the likes of Korean and Chinese bands and artists like iKON, SNH48, VIXX, Ji Ke Jun Yi, TAO, Liu Mei Lin, Yi Fe, Zhu Zhu Ai, Li Si Dan Ni and Wu Mo Chou. The show’s mentors shall be Wang Li Hong, PSY, Feng Wang Quan Ji and Ha Lin.

It has also been reported earlier that YG Entertainment’s boy band iKON shall also be competing on the show and shall have PSY as their mentor.

Check out the teaser below to know what to expect from the show.

With iKON, VIXX and MONSTA X amongst others, competing against each other on the show, there will be a lot to watch out for. Are you ready to witness the showdown?

The show shall be airing on June 12th 2016.


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