MONSTA X Releases MV For “Find You”


Monbebes, get ready with a bundle of tissues because Monsta X is back!

After a break of seven months, the septet is back with their mini-album Follow: Find You. The album comes out with eight tracks inclusive of both “Follow” and “Find You” as the featured tracks. On October 22, 6:30 pm IST Monsta X released their first music video for “Find You” making every Monbebe tear up. The single opens up to the buried and forgotten theories and assemble them to finally give an end. With the music video being an intro to the concept of the album, the whole world is under chaos in unlocking the answers.

The Single

The music video begins with a car crash as Hyungwon crawls out bleeding. His memory goes back in time to reminisce the fun time he had with his friends. As the prologue states “If we are fated for each other, we will meet again right?” in the end, both the audio and video unravels us to melancholy. Adding up to the wistful series of events, the mellow music and vocals pent up our emotions even deeper. The accident snatches Hyungwon’s parents from him and all he is left with is his friends and his father’s watch. Being unable to handle the situation, Hyungwon decides to leave his friends and find his own way.

With various shorts popping up from their previously released music videos, we as the audience are put in a maze of definitions and explanations. The watch and car accident from “Dramarama,” the bathtub from “All In,” the members sleeping together in the living room from “Shine Forever” and few selective clips from “Shoot Out” and “Destroyer” are just intending to make us wonder more.

Being the protagonist of the music video, Hyungwon has shown his equipped acting skills and is greatly received by his fans. With Shownu, Wohno, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Jooheon and I.M equally participating as actors, the serious notion doubles up in making the monbebes heart sob more.

This is definitely not the end but the beginning of something happy in the next music video is the only hope Monbebes carry with them for tonight. And as for the unanswered theory questions, the only key is to wait for the final music video for “Follow” to release.

Did you watch Monsta X’s new music video? What are your theories for the comeback? Let us know in the comments.


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