MONSTA X Releases “Shoot Out” Japanese MV


Who else missed the banging music while singing “Love is like a Shoot Out, Shoot Out, Shoot Out”. You don’t have to worry anymore; MONSTA X gives you another version of the superior single.

On March 4, MONSTA X released their latest Japanese single “Shoot Out” to bless their Monbebes with their iconic vibrations and hip swaying. The septet has decided to release their fifth single Japanese album on 27th of March. The new album will include the Japanese version of “Shoot Out” and “Flashback”.

The Single

Energy and power is another name of MONSTA X. With the epic beginning “Blow It” the piece hits our brain with peerless vibes. Known for its catchy chorus and breath taking verses, the single yet again proves to be one distinguished collection.

Holding on to the choreography, the septet brings back the unforgettable era of last year. It is not just the military outfits that emit the sensual aura, It is MONSTA X themselves the definition of aura. Dressed in suits and richness, the seven piece act overwhelms us with “Growling Walker, Walker.”

Inclusive of the act performing their comeback stages for their recent single “Alligator”, they decided to treat their beloved Monbebes with a blast from the past, modified in a new version.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s “Blawh, Blawh, Stop talking” and start jamming to our favorite “Shoot Out” available in three (Korean, English and Japanese) now.

Have you watched their music video yet? Let us know your thoughts through comments.


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