MONSTA X “Take 2: We Are Here” Album Review

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It’s been a week since MONSTA X made an unforgettable comeback with their second album Take 2: We are Here. Seven long days have passed, still the tracks managed to stay fresh in my playlist till now. Thirty one minutes of revitalizing music prove the actual power of MONSTA X. With powerful music and vocals, the seven piece act never fails to impress us in their music journey.

If you haven’t heard the tracks yet, then here is a summarized review for you.

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The album begins in a lower note with I.M impactful base singing in “Intro: We Are Here”.  The darker notion start is indeed soothing when the track promises the lines, “You are never alone, We are always together”.

“Alligator” is already a most favorite of all. The single proves to be equally powerful when plugged in. The fusion of pop and electronic music play well in getting the listeners attention. As the siren warns us during the start, we are left with no choices but surrender to the high strength of vocal and rap line.

The built up energy drops while a spooky interlude creeps into your playlist. “Ghost” is a track of different style with low beat. With a hypnotic tone and keyboard notes, the music grooves in with the help of the fetching chorus. In spite of the heavy raps the vocalists seem to uphold “Ghost” with their warm vocals.

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“Play it cool” gradually lifts the tempo of the album with rhythmic pop. Collaborating with Steve Aoki, the piece has a touch of duo style. We get to fly high as the balanced drum beats lift us high, getting off the hooks, switching on our “Airplane mode”.

As the previous track fades, a new bracing tune rises with pleasuring vocals humming behind for “No Reason”. The song is a pure melody composed by Wonho, resembling his previous “I do love you”. It is also more like a lament as the members bid goodbye to a careless girlfriend.

MONSTA X isn’t leaving with a bye if you were expecting them to. The members come back with “Give me Dat” a pop with much passion. If you were missing furious Monsta X before, here they are with a volcanic vocals and raps hitting the base.

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“Turbulence” is another track that proves the septet’s strength in EDM. The term Turbulence was owned by GOT7 for almost three years in the industry but from now it has two rightful owners. As the song sounds, the members confidently proclaim their never giving up attitude in respective of hard times.

With Kihyun’s high notes, “Rodeo” explodes next as a chivalry. The song is an exact party jam as the tempo gets higher and higher with the chorus. Haven’t played Rodeo? Plug to the track and experience the similar hype through your eardrums. The piece isn’t only high but has brilliant drops in the middle for the vocal line to score.

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“Stealer” is another dope of MONSTA X in its own way. An action thriller aura is carried out through the track, resembling “Oh My” or can be considered a sibling. Spark vocals, dominating raps and husky whispers crown the song to be one of the favorites of every listener. Even before realizing, we are pushed to the last track, with smooth beats hitting us. “Party Time” is a perfect song to conclude the blissful journey as it recognizes the long run. We party with glasses up singing “Dalalala Dalalala”, jamming to hits for we have done well. With R&B dwelling in, the album ends in a good tone.

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“We Are Here” is a perfect example reflecting on the members’ consistent growth in music never letting go of their originality. The trade mark of MONSTA X stays perfect in shape with upgrades. Experiments have also turned out pretty well making the review as an appreciation post. The new album also promises MONSTA X a brighter music career and Monbebes much more quality content in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Start listening to the tracks now and let us know what you feel about it by tagging us at @DKpopIndia.


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