MONSTA X Takeover The Cartoon World!


One of the most sensational k-pop groups of the era become animated cartoons for a day.

MONSTA X makes another history by being the first act to be animated as cartoons to appear on Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears. The ongoing T.V show is one of the preferred cartoons shows from the audience as the plot revolves around the adventures of three brother bears, A panda, polar bear and a bear named Panda, Ice Bear, and Grizzly.

The seven-member group is to appear as a surprise present for Panda’s birthday on the upcoming episode “Panda’s Birthday”. The script unravels Panda and Ice Bear being hard-core Monbebes dreaming to see their Idols in real. Cartoon Network shared a glimpse of the episode on May 17, showcasing the most expected boy band sing and dance as animated characters.

The clip captures the iconic moves of “Hero” and cute interactions between the act and Ice Bear. The cartoonists have done a brilliant job in representing the Idols by giving them very minute details to distinguish them. The leader, Shownu carries his signature pouting when Jooheon and Minhyuk represent themselves from “Living it up” and “Stuck” Era. I.M, Hyungwon, Wonho and Kihyun get our attention in their attire with the most known accessories and props.

I.M shared with Billboard about the exciting experience of working with a well-known cartoon show.
“We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to be in an episode of We Bare Bears. It is one of the most beloved animated series in the world! We put in a lot of effort into this collaboration and hope our fans, as well as We Bare Bears fans are truly enjoying it!”

The live show featuring MONSTA X premieres onMay 27, at 7:30 pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network. The viewers can also access the episode on Cartoon Network’s App and VOD on 24th. Monbebes around the world from additional regions outside of the U.S can witness the show on the last of this year.

Are you guys Excited already? Indian Monbebes can we expect MONSTA X to feature in “Chotta Bheem” or “Mottu Patlu” soon?


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