MONSTA X Win Over in “Who Do U Love?”


With “Who Do U Love?” MONSTA X makes us believe that they are our only courters.

MONSTA X released their “Who Do U Love?” music video on June 21, flattering every Monbebe around the world. The single is the act’s first ever English song in Collab with the American rapper, French Montana. It is also the first release after MONSTA X’s deal with the U.S. Label, Epic Records. The unexpected video teaser on June 18 for the already released audio single kept the fans anticipated for days and when the single dropped, it was indeed mana from heaven.

As the track begins, Joohoney mellows his English verses with his well-known sugary vocals. The song later grabs our senses as Wonho and Minhyuk start their verse following finger snaps. With simplicity and elegance, the mild beats track manages to slither into our eardrums. The classic chorus sounds pure and homely as the members’ question in unison, “Who do you love? Is it him or me? Cause I can’t take the pressure anymore,” and at times even threaten to “walk out the door” if they don’t get an answer. Joining the septet, Montana sings a low paced rap which couldn’t gain much popularity but added beautifully to the ongoing rhythm. The appealing lines and breathy vocals become a pleasing tune to follow and sing along which is a great delight to all International fans.

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The music video dealt a chic touch giving the audience no option to turn back. The video shots include the members individually in various scenarios including theatre, mirror room, luxury hallway, dining area, night time and dark room with neon lights. Adding up to the posh setting, the septet glows along with classy clothing intense body gestures. Dressed in mild shimmering shirts, Shownu, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Wonho, Hyungwon, Joohoney and I.M become the apple of our eyes without any doubts. French Montana also marks his presence in the video by taking a moment to engross with his rap verses. The choreography is not put into much concentration, except the members serving us with a little of their captivating swaying and bewitching us with their zealous gazes.

As a result, the released music video is a certified meal for both visual and acoustic pleasures of the receiver. With luxury dwelling in the richness of the video and the blending of the melody, MONSTA X becomes the undefeated suitors of our hearts.

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Who Do you Love?


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