Monsta X’s Minhyuk takes the next oath!

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Image result for monsta x minhyuk  the clan part 2 {kpop-india}Monsta X’s Minhyuk takes the next oath!4l7Gz6h

Starship Entertainment’s youngest boygroup, Monsta X, is back with their second EP ‘The Clan’ series that they began in early 2016.

Monsta X is a boy group that has always been associated with fast and intense dance beats, coupled with an influence of the trap genre. They’ve also been pointed out for their strong rapper Jooheon who doesn’t disappoint when it comes to hard-hitting fast-paced rap.

They released the first part of ‘The Clan’ series in May 2016, as Lost: pt.1. Following that, they are currently releasing trailers for their second EP in the series ‘The Clan’ pt. 2: Guilty. This album, much like their previous one will be following a dystopian theme with it’s MV’s and a new experimental touch to strong choruses and powerful dance beats in it’s music.

The members have been taking an oath, each feeding into he grand cycle of their overall story of rebellion, hurt and loss – and the next one is Minhyuk. Take a look at the teaser below, as Minhyuk explains how each of them have given up everything to fight, and to protect, the clan.


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