Moon Geun Young to leave for Volunteer service in Africa

Another celebrity flies to Africa

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Actress Moon Geun-young will be heading to Africa to deliver dreams and hopes to the citizens of Malawi through her Volunteer service!

The young actress agency Namoo Actors announced on 11th April that Moon will be visiting Malawi in Southeastern Africa to help improving the health conditions specially among the children and women of the country. Starting from April 16-24 Moon will be visiting Malawi with NGO Good Neighbors and local TV network SBS.

Moon who has been actively volunteering for a long time and made a quite lot of donations in the past, is aiming to develop a strong connection with the children and women she meets through this visit.

Malwawi being one of the poorest country in the world, the life expectancy of its population is very low. With infant mortality of 67.9 out of 1000 children under five years old, in addition to it, the high maternal death rates, with 510 mothers dying for every 100,000 deaths as recorded by UNDP.

Moon Geun-young who usually prefers to keep her volunteer services private stated that after due thoughts, she had decided to make her good deeds publicly known so that she can help in spreading the message of helping the people in need, which is a responsibility of a public figure.

The episodes featuring Moon Geun-young trip to Malawi will be broadcast on SBS network on May 27-28.


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