‘Moorim School’ piques interest with newly released posters!!

Moorim School promotional posters are out!!!


Upcoming youth action drama ‘Moorim School’ released promotional posters showcasing contrasting effects. While one of the posters carries a message with a dark and serious background the other one looks like it’s coming out a of a teenage drama with a school concept.

The first poster released above depicts a dark and mystifying background featuring the two drama leads, Lee Hyun Woo and VIXX Hongbin. Shin Sung-woo and Shin Hyun-Joon are also featured in the background looking dark and intent. The poster also reads a message, “You have a special power because you have precious things to protect.” This line draws special attention as well as piqued curiosity in the viewers as to what are they trying to defend, given the special powers and what is their relationship looking all dark and grim.

The second poster carries a more brighter and perky vibe with the entire cast featured donning colorful unique outfits with cheerful expressions turning it all very vibrant. The quartet of Yoon Shi Woo (Lee Hyun Woo), Wang Chi Ang (Hongbin), Sim Soon Duk (Seo Ye Ji) and Hwang Sun Ah (Jung Yoo Jin) are featured in the middle with Principal Hwang Moo Song (Shin Hyun Joon). The poster gives out the base concept of youth drama featuring students from contrasting backgrounds and different countries with professors who teach and support them.


This global youth romance and action packed drama is not going to be just where the youth facing life struggles come to a special school to learn virtues of life, but also aims to take viewers through a dark and mysterious plot that will unfold with time. Regarding the posters released the production staff said, “The full cast poster represents the free, natural atmosphere of Moorim School, while the other poster represents the secrets that surround the characters.” Click here to know more about the drama.

Are you excited for Moorim School?? Watch the trailer below!!

Moorim School premiers in a week’s time (January 11th) on KBS2 as a Monday-Tuesday drama at 9:55 pm (KST) following ‘Oh My Venus’ time slot.



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