Moorim School resumes production, cuts down episodes!!

Moorim School is reportedly ending early!!


The currently airing Monday-Tuesday drama, Moorim School is treading waters with reports coming in for cutting down of episodes.

It was reported earlier that due to conflicting interests between KBS and drama production company JS Pictures, over production costs and schedule, filming for the drama had been put on hold. However both the companies denied such reports. As of today both companies have reached a consensus and resumed production.

The drama had been witnessing low viewer ratings since its inception at only 5.1 percent local viewership. The last episode aired on Monday received the lowest viewer rating of only 3.5 percent as compared to other broadcasters dramas “Six flying Dragons” at 15 percent and “Glorious Temptation” at 12.5 percent. As a result it has been confirmed that the show which was originally planned for 20 episodes shall cut down to end early with 16 episodes.

The filming for the drama will resume from January 27th with episodes 12 and 13 to be shot now. With the drama scheduled to end early now, the actors are facing concern over the plot development and changes.

Moorim School is a global youth romance and action packed drama where the youth facing life struggles come to a special school to learn virtues of life, and also takes viewers through a dark and mysterious plot that will unfold with time.

Moorim School will end early in March.


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