Multistarrer Drama ‘Hwarang’ Begins Filming

KBS2 TV Drama Hwarang : The Beginning starts filming, to be entirely pre-produced

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With what looked like an un-ending wait, finally the star studded drama, Hwarang : The Beginning has begun filming.

The KBS2 Tv drama boasts of an impressive star cast and has been receiving a lot of attention setting every fan’s heart soaring with anticipations. As per a representative, the drama has already begun filming on March 31st.

Until now the time slot for the airing of the drama has not been decided, however the drama will be entirely pre-produced hence the filming has begun now. It is expected to air in the latter half of the year.

Actor Park Seo Joon, Shinee’s Minho, BTS V (Taehyung), ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik, HALO’s Ooon, Lee Kwang Soo, actor Do-Ji Han and actress Go Ara shall be adding glitz to the star cast of the drama.

As per the storyline the drama Hwarang: The Beginning centers around a unique organization of young men called Hwarang or “Flowering Knights,” who were an elite group of warriors in the 6th century Korean kingdom of Seorabeol, capital of the Silla dynasty. The drama illustrates the story of life, growth, passion and love of these Knights who existed some 1500 years ago.

The storyline itself calls for spamming, not to mention the equally promising cast, and we do have high expectations from it. Keep watching this space for more information on the drama.

Are you also pretty excited for the upcoming KBS2 Tv drama Hwarang: The Beginning, just like us?


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