MV/Song Review: ‘And July’ by Heize X DEAN


Kpop India {kpop-india}MV/Song Review: ‘And July’ by Heize X DEANand july 4

Let me begin this by saying that both Heize and DEAN are two of my favourite artists in the K-Pop world, and to be gifted with their soulful voices in not one, but two tracks – is bloody brilliant!

On July 18th, Heize (in a very Beyonce fashion) dropped her album which featured a few artists. The teaser song ‘Shut up and Groove‘ featuring DEAN was released in early June and now we find that there is yet another combination of these amazing artists. ‘And July’ is an old school hip-hop song featuring DEAN and DJ Friz, and let me tell you it’s a simple masterpiece like a cold winter breeze or good burger and fries (and now, I’m hungry.)

and-july-3 {kpop-india}MV/Song Review: ‘And July’ by Heize X DEANand july 3


If you feel like you’ve heard this song, it’s absolutely possible because the song is using one of the most basic beats (8 beats with space created before the chorus) from the 80’s and is a huge homage to some amazing artists from that era. A similar work would be from Epik High’s Born Hater which is also riddled with references to the golden age of Hip-Hop.

I know that the process of listening to a song isn’t always detailed for everyone but for this one, you’ve got to agree that the chemistry between Heize and DEAN is out-of-this-world. One of the reasons, I love this pair-up is because both these artists are very emotive when they sing, and you can notice it in this song too. Pay attention to when they change the rhythm of their words in the same line, just because of the feeling behind it.

This song, more than just being a plain old Hip-Hop throwback also has a lot of personality too. The song is about the bridge between friendship and romance when the person can’t quite accept it to themselves that they have very strong, very real feelings for the other. Thus, the summer passes and July rolls around, but they keep saying ‘I’m Fine.’ to themselves. Relatable? Absolutely.

The lyrics were co-written by DEAN and Heize and as expected, they’ve packed a bunch of references starting with ‘killing me softly’ and DEAN’s hilarious backup vocals with dialogue when Heize is rapping.

Heize has showed us more than enough times that she is an all-round artist who can kill it with both vocals and rap. The subtle confidence she exudes in her music is beautiful, because it’s never over-powering like most artists. This song, definitely is characteristically Heize in that way and I’m more than impressed by her vocals and her witty lyrics in the song.

Kpop India {kpop-india}MV/Song Review: ‘And July’ by Heize X DEANand july 2 Kpop India {kpop-india}MV/Song Review: ‘And July’ by Heize X DEANand july 1


The MV shows two pranksters living together, who definitely have passive agressive affection hidden for each other. (Note: Hidden below layers and layers and layers of pranks, let’s not forget). But it’s there.

The story revolves around two people who fight a lot and play practical jokes on each other to get tiny doses of revenge, but still can’t live without each other.

I love how the MV reflects the mood of the song, and it’s a pretty complex emotion to display. It is just the right shade of ‘I’m angry with you, but I still love you’ which is what adult love is all about. We definitely have to give credit to the scriptwriter and the director of the MV for all the hidden gems in this video, and for shooting it in such a cool and RnB manner.

I’d definitely give it a 7/10 for the story line and a 8/10 for the creative decisions behind the MV. My only complaint is that the video didn’t have any mystery behind it that made me want to play it back over and over again. But then again, all parts of this song are simple and laid-back and the MV definitely conveyed it neatly.

All in all, we think this musical love-child of DEAN and Heize will definitely be winning a lot of hearts, and awards in the near future. Even if it doesn’t, we will definitely be sipping on our tea, letting this music play, and watching the rains slowly take over the Indian scenery.



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