Mysterious Teasers Raise Anticipation for MONSTA X’s Comeback

MONSTA X Releases Narration Teasers!


Fans are left intrigued about MONSTA X’s upcoming comeback.

Rookie group MONSTA X will be making their comeback with a mini album which is reportedly titled “The Clan Part 1: Lost” and has now released mysterious teasers called “Narration Teasers” which gives us a glimpse about their upcoming concept.

The first “Narration Teaser” released was of rapper I.M. where the member swears that MONSTA X will defend themselves while scenes filled with a dark and post-apocalyptic like world flash by.

The second “Narration Teaser” revealed is of leader Shownu as he promises that they will protect everything they will love and will never betray each other. The teaser also gives a glimpse of a much lighter tone with members surrounded with flowers.

MONSTA X will be making their comeback on May 18th. With more information to be released soon, stay tuned for more teasers for their comeback.

What do you think will be MONSTA X’s upcoming concept?


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