N.Flying Celebrates 200th Day Since Debut

Celebrate 200th Day Anniversary with N.Flying


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The boys of N.Flying has yet hit another milestone in their music career as they celebrate their 200th days since their debut.

Already active in Japan since 2013, N.Flying debuted in Korea in 2015 with their lead single ‘Awesome’. N.Flying garnered attention for their rap-rock infused style of music different from their pure rock loving sunbae FT Island & pop-rock sunbae CNBlue catching the eyes of netizens. Drummer Kim Jae-hyun has already been in the spotlight for being the younger brother of Rainbow’s leader Jae-kyung while Bassist Kwang-Jin is known as a former member of CNBlue prior debut.
FNC Entertainment posted a congratulatory message on their official Facebook page for their debut milestone  “2015 December 5th ‪#‎NFlying 200 days since their debut!! Thank you so much for supporting N.Flying!!

2015년 12월 5일 #엔플라잉 데뷔 200일!! 변치 않고 엔플라잉을 사랑해주신 팬 여러분 감사합니다!!❤2015 December 5th #NFlying 200 days since their debut!! Thank you so much for supporting N.Flying!!❤

Posted by FNC Entertainment on Friday, December 4, 2015

Fans were in for much more surprise and delight when in celebration of their 200th days since debut N.Flying announced their official fan-club name N. Fia via FNC’s official YouTube page. The boys look so happy and excited about their fan-club name. The name was created by combining the group’s name N.Flying and the word utopia, meaning ‘let’s fly to utopia together’.

Congratulations to N.Flying. What do you think about the fan-club name? Let us know your thoughts. Check out their video below.




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