N.FLYING recieves gifts before debut showcase


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N.FLYING debuted  on May 20 at AX-Korea in Kwangjin-gu and they revealed about the encouragement and love by their seniors in FNC entertainment.
The member’s stated that CN Blue′s Lee Jung Shin bought them a bass guitar while FT Island′s Lee Jae Jin bought them beef to eat and Jung Yong Hwa gave them cash allowance.

“N.Flying, which stands for “New+Flying,” is made up of 4 members: Lee Seung Hyub (Main vocal & rap), Kwon Kwang Jin (Bass), Cha Hun (Guitar), and Kim Jae Hyun (Drum). Before their official debut in Korea, they have enhanced their musical abilities by performing in the indie market of Japan. Their two Japanese single albums, “Basket,” and “One and Only,” have topped the charts of Tower Records and ranked second on the Oricon Indie Weekly Chart, proving their talents and abilities.
The Korean debut album is made up of the translated version of the Japanese Indie track, “One N Only,” “Heartbreak,” “1 Minute,” and the track “All in,” in which Kwon Kwang Jin has participated in composing. All five tracks of the album represent and highlight N.Flying’s free spirit” , stated by FNC entertainment.
N.FLYING released their first album “AWESOME” in Korea on 20th of May noon(KST) with a total of 5 songs.

We say they are definitely going to sway the hearts of fangirls. (pssss….ttt… admin maknae dipping on J.DON :p )