Nam Woohyun’s Releases First Album As A Soloist

Woohyun drops MV to title track "Nodding" and his first solo album" Write"

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INFINITE’s power vocal Nam Woohyun has finally released his first debut album as a soloist titled “Write” on May 9th.

Amidst much anticipations from fans, teasers and an un-endless wait, Woohyun (25) released his album with title song “Nodding” which is an emotional track about a guy who is left behind by his love. Written by Kim Ea-na and composed by J.Yoon of Korean band M.C The Max and Rocoberry the track was an instant hit on online music charts as soon as its release. Take a look at the below soulful MV and tell us what you think.

As it is his first solo album, Woohyun left no stones unturned and even participated in writing the lyrics of the three tracks from his album. His album contains a total of six songs including Write.., Gravity, That Person, Scent, Stand by Me and Nodding (title track). All fans and Inspirits can pre-order his album here.

Nam Woohyun also went on to hold a showcase to commemorate his first solo album on May 9th at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. He said he has worked hard for his first solo-album in collaboration with people who he is close with.  He also went on to leave a message on his official twitter to thank fans and asked them listen a lot to his album he worked hard for.

We are melting listening to Woohyun’s soulful voice in his first solo album since debut. Are you too?

Congratulations to Nam Woohyun for his debut as a soloist!! We certainly look forward for more.

Pic Cr.- Woohyun’s Twitter.


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