Namgoong Min Opens Up About His Role in ‘Remember’!

Have you seen the dark side of Namgoong Min?


One of the most loved villain of dramaland, Namgoong Min sat down with Star Today for an interview and talked about his well praised role in television series ‘Remember’.

Namgoong Min played the role of Nam Gyu Man, a cold blooded criminal, who did all sorts of abominable crimes! In the interview he confessed how mentally exhausting the role was for him.

Playing the antagonist is always a difficult task, for Namgoong Min too, it was no different. He revealed, “Even thinking about it was torture. Even reading my lines was too much for me at first.” He also disclosed that his father was a principal and how he was brought up with principles and righteousness. He further expressed, “Honestly speaking, it was incredibly difficult to make those lines come across naturally.”

Further explaining the actor’s dilemma while portraying a negative role, he added, “No matter how many times you tell yourself you’re only acting, there comes a point where you start to feel the evil of your actions.” But fortunately the actor experienced no long-standing aftereffects of the vicious Nam Gyu Man role!

Breaking the hearts of innumerable fangirls, the actor declared, “I will not be taking on any more villainous roles for dramas.” But he was quick to add, “If there comes an offer (for a villainous role) in a film where I’m guaranteed more freedom of expression, I might take that on.”

Have you seen the spine chilling performance of Namgoong Min in ‘Remember’ yet?

(P.S- The featured image is one of the few reasons to check out ‘Remember’) 😉


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