Naughty side of Deer ‘Lu’ unleashed – MV review


Former Exo member Luhan drops an English MV titled ‘LU’. After his solo debut Digital mini Album ‘Reloaded’ he’s back with the second part. The 25 year old singer/ actor / songwriter is coming out bold and looks eager to explore all the styles of music genres. After creating a great impact on his fans with ‘Good Good’ MV showing his rapping skills he is back with a sexy hip hop track.

9 {kpop-india}Naughty side of Deer ‘Lu’ unleashed  – MV review82 300x169It’s a lyrical animated music video with flashy and vivid colors. The Animated Deer who’s illustrated as an Icon in the music video represents Luhan and his personality as Luwei ( Luhan’s Fandom) calls him Deer.  The Icon shows a strong and a very manly side of Luhan. We did miss his handsome face in the music video yet his sexy ooh(s) were enough to blow our minds.

5 {kpop-india}Naughty side of Deer ‘Lu’ unleashed  – MV review5 300x169

The Sweet  Sexy Voice of the Deer Lu is slaying throughout the track. This is Luhan’s first English track even though English is not his first language he did an amazing job. The track shakes with powerful Bass and the beats will trip you with swag along with his auto tuned voice.  This is Luhan’s first time trying Hip Hop and he did a marvelous job .The lyrics are very straightforward , bold and seductive. ( Don’t you all agree?)

4 {kpop-india}Naughty side of Deer ‘Lu’ unleashed  – MV review21 300x169

Ooh ooh I’m just tryna” get you in the mood
Ooh ooh baby just show me what it do
Now blow it like a flute ooh ooh

7 {kpop-india}Naughty side of Deer ‘Lu’ unleashed  – MV review7 300x169Luhan is breaking out of his innocent and adorable image. He is experimenting with his voice and showing a unique style. We’re excited what he will bring onto the table next.




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