NCT Dream are obsessed with chewing gum in the video teasers

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SM is not someone to waste any time. Following the release of individual and group teaser image for the upcoming teenaged boy group, NCT Dream, SM Ent. have now released the  teaser videos of their debut song “Chewing Gum”. Also, SM is hitting both Korean and Chinese market by releasing teasers in both languages.

The first teaser video has the boys sneaking around their dorm, wearing matching outfits (because that’s something important), in search for some chewing gum/candies.

Watch the first teaser below in both Korean and Chinese:

The second teaser shows a little choreography of the said song. They dance on Hoverboards (well I won’t be able to walk straight on those things). The video is really colourful reflecting the “chewing gum” theme and complimenting their bright, cheerful faces.

Watch the teaser below:

So let’s just chew on some gum while waiting for these kids to debut with a full-length Music video.


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