NCT DREAM Releases Their 1st Single Album x MV ‘My First And Last’


NCT DREAM released their first album ‘The First’ along with the music video of the title track “My First and Last” earlier today.

‘My First and Last’ is a funky pop track that talks about a boy′s confession of love especially the first love. In case of this teen unit, their first love is their teacher. The music video goes to shows how the boys tries hard to win the affection of the female teacher but eventually comes to learned that is she already taken which crushes their hearts.

Check out the MV below


In addition to title track ‘My First and Last’, the album also includes a remake of the 1993 hit by Lee Seung Hwan Dunk Shot and their debut track ‘Chewing Gum’. The album will also include the Chinese versions of title tracks.

What are your thoughts on this comeback?


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