NCT Dream Revisits The “Chewing Gum” Era


“A memory is a beautiful thing, it’s almost a desire that we miss.” – Gustave Flaubert

Luckily Dreamies never had to crave longer to watch NCT Dream back in their school uniforms singing “Chew, Chew, Chew, Chewing gum.”With few more days ahead to mark NCT Dream’s third anniversary, the sextet (excluding Mark due to graduation) couldn’t surprise their fans better as they make us relive the days of 2016 by performing their debut single.

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“Chewing Gum” as a bubbly fun song is a well-known debut single, introducing us to the seven member youngest unit of NCT. The music video is such a delight to watch as the septet is found in a hostel scenario, sneaking in and playing around. With huge smiles and innocent laughter Mark, Jeno, Haechan, Renjun, Chenle, Jaemin and Jisung happily sing about the feelings of their first love.

The Video

On July 31, the k-world witnessed that the kids have grown into young men and perform the single with style and charisma. The video released by ALL THE K-POP contained the performance of the sextet on WEEKLY IDOL. The Dreamies were more than surprised to listen to the new studio version of “Chewing Gum” being played behind during the show. Dressed as smart students with winsome, the act appears riding their iconic hover boards and stages the choreography. The mood gets even more brightened up as the members cheerfully perform reminiscing their old days. As for the viewers, the nostalgic memories hit hard making us realize how days have passed very quickly.

NCT Dream after 10 months of break, made their comeback on July. The act is currently promoting their third mini album BOOM. The album comes out with six different tracks including their latest trending single “WE BOOM.” Watch them perform various stages and let us not forget to support the precious kids of the industry.

Did you watch the new “Chewing Gum” performance? What are your thoughts? Let us know.


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