NCT-U Makes Their Debut with “The 7th Sense”

NCT-U Makes Their Debut!


SM Entertainment has finally launched NCT’s first sub-unit.

We previously reported that SM Entertainment will be debuting the first unit from their new upcoming group NCT which will have multiple members and sub-units which will be free of fixed members giving the opportunity for members to move around the units.

After releasing a series of teaser pictures and videos, NCT-U has finally released the music video for their debut track “The 7th Sense”. The music video shows shots of the members of the sub-unit while showing off their highly synchronized dance moves. The song itself is a single heavily based on hip hop groove showing off impressive rap and vocal skills of the members.

Comprising of members Taeyong, Ten, Jaehyun, Mark and Doyoung, they are the first group of the sub-unit to be releasing a single. The second group will be releasing the single “Without You“on 10th April. All members are said to have taken part in the production of the songs.

NCT-U will be holding their stage debut on KBS2’s Music Bank airing on April 15th and will be debuting in China too with their first stage scheduled to be on “Top Chinese Music Awards.”

Did you enjoy NCT-U’s new sound?


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