NCT U Sings ‘Without You’ in their New Music Video

NCT-U Drops Music Video for Without You!!


After bringing out everyone’s seventh sense with their first release “The 7th Sense” which was full of hip hop beats, the second group of NCT-U which is the sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s upcoming group NCT has released their pop rock and EDM influenced song “Without You”.

Featuring members Jaehyun and Doyoung who also participated in “The 7th Sense”, along with introducing new member Taeil, the trio belt their groovy vocals in their debut single as they show off their vocal abilities in the song.

NCT-U is the first sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s upcoming group NCT which will follow a system of having multiple sub-units which will allow members to freely collaborate with any sub-unit without being restricted to one.

NCT-U will be having their Korean debut performance on April 15th on KBS2’s Music Bank. NCT-U also made their Chinese debut on April 9th at the “Top Chinese Awards”.

What are your thoughts about SM’s latest venture?

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