NCT U’s Jaehyun And Doyoung Embrace Us With “New Love”


The feeling of love and being loved never felt so special until we heard Jaehyun and Doyoung harmonize together.

NCT U once again proved to be one among the vocalist stars, as the duet drops their latest OST, “New Love” for the ongoing web series Best Mistake. The new series revolves around the lives of school students, who venture with different relationships like friendship and love. The first OST of the series was released on August 9, along with a music video featuring our celebrity singers. The music video highlights a few clips from the drama along with our handsome men gracing the shots with their visuals.

The Single

The track begins with a breezy intro leading to an instrumental drop, as Jaehyun and Doyoung introduce us to a whole new world with their calm vocals. The slender music played behind is a delight accompanying the soothing verses of the singers. With a convincing tone, the heartwarming lyrics sing “Everything is perfect you and my new love,” which immediately flashes a smile on our lips. It does merely feel like a dream listening to the duet blend so perfectly with their honeyed voices while singing “It’s all new tuttururu tuttururu follow me.” As the mellow beat continues it promises to enhance any dull mood.

The Idols not only convince us with their vocals but gracefully show off their fragile face while recording. The dainty celebrities appear in their casual clothing with much warmth in their smiles, making us awe every time they come into our sight.

Did you listen to the duet’s new OST? Who are planning to follow the web series, Best Mistake just after watching Jaehyun and Douyoung?  Share your comments.


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