NCT127 Become “Superhuman” To Save NCTzens

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NCT127 decided to keep our weekend busy streaming as they release the awaited single “Superhuman” along with their mini-album of the same name.

The single released on May 24 was already a sensation among the audience who witnessed the performance in various stages and live shows. Gathering up all the prior earned attention, “Superhuman” makes it big by experimenting a unique style, unlike their previous titles.

The Single

With a well-co-ordinated harmonization, the single begins as a Sci-fic theme, leading us to a feisty pop track. The polyphonic vocals of the members are put in the spotlight during the chorus, highlighting the unseen honey vocals of the rappers too. The title can be considered a shift in the nonet’s career timeline as it reflects the essence of SM’s previous boy bands SHINee, EXO and more. The genre also picks up influence from Michael Jackson, fusing in as a western dominant pop. Transforming themselves as Superhumans, the nine-piece act sing about self-confidence and the inbuilt power of achieving anything through their lyrics. The beats boost our energy as Doyoung sings “I’m the only one who can achieve my dream” when Mark and Johnny join in with slender rap lines, “I’m the only one who can save myself”, “I can be anything, I can do anything”.

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Adding up to the music, the video brings us a mini Sci-fic film as a treat. The journey is set to another dimension with flashy lights, lasers and high CG effects crediting the visuals as the members shoot above gravity and inherit their super ability. The video clip also reminds of all our favorite Power Rangers Opening credits during every drop pitching “Superhuman”.

The sharp choreography keeps us gripped in our places throughout the music video. The act equally shares the blame of attacking us by stealing screens for individual shots. Bright white space suits and heart throbbing looks make NCT127 the only superhero team of the NCTzens’ world.

Superhuman becomes the first mini album of 2019. The EP consists of six tracks namely “Highway to Heaven”, “Superhuman”, “Fool”, “Jet lag”, “Paper plane” and “Outro: We are 127”. “Highway to Heaven” which was previously released as a city tour film had huge reception among the audience and is considered as the second promo track of the EP.

By experimenting with a new genre and style, NCT127 has once again proved it’s stand in the ever persuading industry.

“I was so happy to see NCT trying a different genre. The style of the MV was SHINee + NCT to me. The breakdown in the song was so unique from other NCT songs. This is something NCT hasn’t tired with their music.” – Sowmya from Madurai.

Did you enjoy NCT127’s “Superhuman”? Which sequence in the MV reminded of the superhero in you?


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