NCT127 Haechan Meets His Namesake In LA


While 2019 owns a stack of unbelievable k-pop happenings, NCT’s Haechan gives us another occasion to awe at and celebrate.

The nonet had their May month busy by stopping in different cities of U.S for their tours and making debuts in various shows and stages. Adding up to their schedules, the act sneak peaked to tourist places suggested by their fans. YouTube Vlogs of members visiting and experiencing distinct places like museums, gardens and zoos kept the international fans delighted.

On May 15, one of the most auspicious moments for NCTzens took place NCT127 finally had a chance to visit Haechan, the little pudu fawn residing in Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden.

The 6 months old pudu was named after the 18 year old Idol in January 2019. The global fandom project took place on 9th of January when Los Angeles Zoo opened up a fundraising campaign in order to name the baby pudu by donating $2,000 in five days. But within 3 hours the fierce fandom piled in the required amount by making rapid tweets and retweets nearing 28,000. The rarely noticed deer species have got much attention in the name of Haechan and the credits goes to the hard-working NCTzens.

Haechan himself looking happy and blissful conveyed his excitement on meeting his twin in person.
 “To be honest, I first heard about the pudu through our fans. It’s a good opportunity, and for a lot of fans to donate to a zoo and for a pudu to have my name, it’s such an honor.”

What do feel about Haechan and Haechan’s meet? Comment your thoughts below.


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