Netizens heats up criticism over Leetuk & BoA kakaotalk exchange


So once again Netizens are heating-up over Leetuk & BoA Kakaotalk exchange…??

In support of her comeback, the Super Junior member sent BoA messages of encouragement through the popular messaging system, and a screenshot of the conversation was eventually uploaded online by Leeteuk himself.

Despite being from the same company SM Entertainment, netizens pointed out that the two singers did not appear close in their conversation, and that BoA appeared to be annoyed at Leeteuk’s messages.

The short excerpt of the conversation starts off with Leeteuk talking about BoA’s latest music video.
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Leeteuk: Totally cute~
But I wish we saw more of BoA-nim’s pretty face
I could only see it through the mirror’s reflection~

BoA: ㅋㅋ I just had fun filming it
Leeteuk: I can’t get enough~ (misspelled)
My heart fluttered while watching

BoA: ㅋㅋㅋ Pretty, right!? Listen to it lots

I still fail to see what the big fuss is…I mean really! Seems pretty normal convo or rather cute in some ways (Maybe it’s just me)

Sometimes it makes me wonder if Netizens can just take things as it is & not be Sherlock Holmes on every little thing…there would be so much lesser controversies in Kpop world then (Some wishful thinking)