New Boy Group VOISPER to Debut at the End of This Month!

Evermore Music to debut new boy group VOISPER!


A new boy group is all set to debut and they are ready to steal your hearts with their good looks and amazing vocals!

VOISPER, a new four member group will be making their debut at the end of this month under Evermore Music and the four members namely Jung Dae Kwang, Jung Kwang Ho, Min Choong Ki and Kim Kang San all of whom are aged 21-year-old and we also hear that the boys have been friends even before the group was formed! According to some sources, the four friends have been singing together and practicing since their high school and hence share a strong bond of friendship.

The group will be following the footsteps of their seniors like Sinawe, Bada Kim, Jung Dongha, Hello Stranger and Burstered who are also from the same agency. VOISPER has been gearing up for their debut for quite some time now and have been active in their official facebook page.

The name ‘VOISPER’ is the combination of the words ‘Voice’ and ‘Whisper’ and their powerful vocals are believed to be their strongest asset. You don’t believe us? Then, check out one of their covers which they uploaded in their SNS here and we assure you that you will instantly fall in love with them!

GO CHOOSE YOUR BIAS ALREADY ! We are so ready to fangirl/fanboy over VOISPER ! Are you?


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