New duo CocoSori to debut in January 2016!

Cute new female duo Coco Sori to debut next year


Mole Entertainment is all set to debut a new female duo , CocoSori! The duo are set to debut with the single ‘Dark Circle‘ and their similarities are uncanny. The two members appear to be Iike  twins from what we can see from the released jacket image!

The girls are seen with high pigtails, bangs, and what looks to be pink latex maid cosplay outfits! Their quirky outfits were designed by Kudo Atsuko in London. Kudo Atsuko has designed for several big names in Hollywood such as Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and Rihanna.

CocoSori’s agency has reportedly relayed that CocoSori and Kudo Atsuko had a “great, fun time working together“!

Netizens have already begun appreciating the cute concept remarking that it seems very J-Pop influenced. At the same time, the whole latex-cosply concept has also resulted in a comparison with a famous Japanese female duo called FEMM. FEMM or the Far East Mention Mannequins have a cosplay-mannequin concept and their music genre is mainly electro and dance.

Compare the duos’ visual concepts below and tell us what you think!

CocoSori’s debut single ‘Dark Circle‘ will be dropping on January 5, 2016!


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