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“My New Sassy Girl” Releases Its Official Poster!

If you haven’t heard, the highly sensational romantic-comedy movie “My Sassy Girl” is going to remade as “My New Sassy Girl”. The movie which was a box office hit when it was first released back in 2001 and is considered as one of the classic will come to the small screens in the form of drama remake.

Posters of the most anticipated drama has been revealed, featuring f(x)’s Victoria and Cha Tae Hyun. In the unveiled posters, Victoria looks bossy tormenting Cha Tae Hyun in all possible ways, while Chae Tae Hyun grabs attention with his innocent looks and adorable face.

The hit Korean movie which is coming back after 13 long years gained tremendous attention even before its release. Many fans are looking forward for Victoria’s role in upcoming drama. She captured attention of both Korean and Chinese fans as a popular Hallyu star. The official Weibo page of “My New Sassy Girl” has till now gained more than 700 million visitors.

The movie is about love journey of Gyun-woo (Cha Tae Hyun) who faces difficulty in forgetting sassy girl, he then reunites with his childhood sweetheart (Victoria) an elementary schoolmate from China who was often teased about her weak Korean speaking skills. They get married despite of strong family opposition. But what awaits for Gyun-woo goes beyond his imagination.

“My New Sassy Girl” is a co-production between Korea and China directed by Jo Geun Sik and is expected to premiere on April 22nd in China and May 5th in Korea.

Do you think Victoria can catch up to Jun Ji Hyun’s legacy ?

Here are the released posters!

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Kpop India  {kpop-india}“My New Sassy Girl” Releases Its Official Poster!untitled {kpop-india}Single Cloud Template – Fast Newsuntitled

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen yet!

Should wait 2 more months to watch this most talk of the industry drama and meanwhile lets just spazz over this adorable pairing. Shall we?


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