Noh Hong Chul and Gil Won’t Be Making Their ‘Infinite Challenge’ Comeback

Is Noh Hong Chul and Gil Ready to Make Their Comeback?


Infinite Challenge has recently tried to speak up about the return of Noh Hong Chul and Gil to the hit variety show but it seems they have stopped their attempts for a while after receiving a lot of negative feedbacks from the viewers.

In the recent episode, the hit variety show ended up dodging the issue of the two controversial cast mates return to the show after getting a lot of criticism and negative feedback from the viewers.  The episode started with the producers asking the viewers to state their minds on this sensitive topic. Much criticism started pouring in along with a few positive ones which led the team to diverge the topic and agree that it is still early to talk about this issue.

Earlier, the producers has wanted to know the view of the viewers via twitter but the post was later deleted due to heavy influx of negative comments.

Both Noh Hong Chul and Gil were caught driving under alcohol influence in 2014 which led to their leave from the show. Recently, Gil made his comeback with his first solo album in 2015.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think they are ready to make their comeback to the variety world?


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