NU’EST Drops 2nd MV Teaser For ‘Q is’

Nu'est release most anticipated 2nd teaser of 'Q is'

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After exciting their fans with  fairy tale like 1st MV teaser , Nu’est is back with their second MV teaser, and they are killing it with their sexy voice. Pledis Entertainment drops their 2nd MV teaser for their upcoming 4th mini album ‘Q is’ on 15th February 2016.

In the 2nd teaser we can see little bit of choreography with each member having their own screen time. With Baekho’s strong high notes booming in the back followed by Minhyun’s softer ad-lib’s. Nu’est captures attention with its harmonious fuse of vocals and urban-electro tunes.

The 2nd teaser seems to be very different and outstanding compared to their 1st teaser in the styling of clothes to outlandish, extravagant, fanciful backdrop accompanied by 1st time appearance of the Queen.

Not only the fans are expecting strong choreography but are also curious about the unique fairy tale like story line. The appearance of Queen left fans in dilemma and making them think about the role of Queen in MV.

Pledis Entertainment also stated that ” The 4th mini album ‘Q is ‘ shows totally different angle of Nu’est .Their musical spectrum has been broaden with more mature quality showing members change over from boys to men.”

Have you seen teaser yet ? Watch below if you still haven’t !


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