NU’EST drops the dance practice for ‘LOVE PAINT’ (Every afternoon)


Okay, let us talk about NU’EST’s amazing come-back that happened last month. And “Love Paint (Every afternoon)” track that blew most people’s mind out.

On August 29th NU’EST released their “Love Paint (Every afternoon)” MV from their latest album “Canvas” and it was as aesthetic as it can get. And if you still didn’t get enough of it, Check the the released Dance practice video below

Trust me, this looked like the dance version instead of dance practice.

Also if your instagram theme is all about aesthetics, then NU’EST photos could really compliment your feed also as the perfect wallpaper.

Also click on the video given below for the original MV for NU’EST ” Love Paint ”

The flowers, hair colors and pastel color everything. And moves that are meant for calming and soothing you. HA! who am I kidding, let your heart beat rate increase.


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