NU’EST Support UEE’s New Drama with a Coffee Cart

NU'EST support their labelmate UEE's new drama with a coffee cart


Pledis Entertainment’s boy group NU’EST recently made their long awaited comeback with their 4th mini-album ‘Q is‘ and despite their busy schedules, the boys made time to support their senior labelmate UEE by preparing a coffee cart/truck at the set of her new drama!

The new drama ‘Marriage Contract/Wife For 100 Days‘ is a melodrama that features UEE playing the role of Kang Hye Soo, a woman whose husband has died in an accident. This leaves her character to raises her child alone. After she discovers she has an inoperable brain tumor she agrees to sign into a contract marriage to provide her daughter with a guardian.

The boys of NU’EST prepared the coffee cart and paid a visit to the drama’s set to cheer on the After School member’s new drama. The coffee cart even held a banner that read “‘Marriage Contract’ actors and staff~ Please look kindly upon our UEE-noona“.

The boys later uploaded a picture of themselves posing with UEE and the coffee cart on their SNS with the caption –
Please show a lot of love to UEE-sunbaenim’s ‘Marriage Contract’!

UEE also took to her personal Instagram (@uieing) to post a picture with NU’EST and the coffee cart and she cutely captioned it with –
The cool NU’EST guys gave me a daebak present!!!♡ I’m really super touched.. You guys are the best!! Thanks~ NU’EST!! Hehe. I’ll work hard!! ^^ Spend your weekends with ‘Marriage Contract’!!♡

KPP INDIA {kpop-india}NU’EST Support UEE’s New Drama with a Coffee CartUEE x NUEST
[Source: UEE’s Instagram]
Isn’t their ‘sunbae-hoobae‘ relationship just the cutest?


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