SEVEN O’CLOCK Drops 2nd Teaser Of Their Debut Track!


STARO Entertainment upcoming New boy group SEVEN O’CLOCK (SOC) who is making their debut on March 16, reveals the second teaser for their title track “ECHO,”

SOC is a six-member group consisting of leader A-Day, Vaan, Hyun, Young Hoon, Jung Gyu, and Tae Young. The group will make their official debut with “ECHO” from their first mini-album “Butterfly Effect” on March 16.

The album will of  consist of 5 tracks along with an instrumental. Leader A-Day is said participate in the production of the album, displaying his talent as a songwriter with the track “Time Machine.”

K-pop India {kpop-india}SEVEN O’CLOCK Drops 2nd Teaser Of Their Debut Track!Seven OClock1

Meanwhile, STARO Entertainment revealed the reason behind the group’s name stating, “They want to provide everyone with happiness through song from the start of their day (7 a.m.) to the end of the day (7 p.m.). Also, the members want their music to heal people’s hearts and give them hope”.

Are you looking forward to this group’s debut? Stay tune for more update.


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