Official EX0-M facebook page remove’s TAO’s name!


As SM ENTERTAINMENT preferred to remain silent on the issue of TAO leaving EXO it has become more evident that TAO will not be a part of  it hinting  from removing his name in official facebook page of EXO-M.
Capture {kpop-india}Official EX0-M facebook page remove’s TAO’s name!Capture 300x202

But the buzz continues to be a discussion for fans and netizens as in the band member only CHEN,LAY and XIUMIN appear where as in the bio section both LUHAN and TAO‘s name is included. While , some assume that it is updated as per the active member’s and it doesnt necessarily mean he left EXO other’s assume that he wont be returning back.

SM Entertainment still hasn’t released any statement regarding this matter or about TAO leaving previously when rumour’s surfaced.
What does your instinct say ?