ONEUS, one of the prominent rookie acts of 2019 made their return on May 29, with their second mini album ‘Raise Us.’ Debuted with “Valkyrie”, the sextet had themselves proved again with another enthralling single, “Twilight”. Following the concept from their previous album, the title continues to relate romance with light and darkness.

The Single

The single begins with the chorus, getting the hold of the audience to anticipate more in the very beginning. Trailing the fast grooving chorus, Hwan Woong and Zion with their mellow vocals mourn about the twilight in their love story. The elegantly portrayed lament is arranged as unique segments with fluctuations in fast and slow addictive beats and drops, giving us chills within seconds. With their usual dynamic elements, the rappers and vocalists harmonize in various parts making us feel the mythical pattern of dying love. The lyrics grieve over love, the fading light as Ledo sings, “The Sun is falling and disappearing. You, who shined at me brightly, are getting lower”.

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The visuals from the music video award greatly to the track with sceneries and astonishing castle structures. From striking close-up shots to the rich scenery long shots, everything can be listed under perfection. The members cosplay as handsome princes from fairytales filled with charms to allure us. With costumes resembling from the “Valkyrie” era, the six-piece act yet again performs a crystal sharp choreography with power. In addition clips of the members desiring to get hold of the Sun and image reflection of a wolf in Ledo’s eye is put on focus to emphasize on how the protagonists stand parallel to the wolf who fell in love with the moon and its longings to see her during the day.

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“Twilight” is the first comeback of the act served well among the audience, assuring diverse style and quality. The second mini-album consists of six tracks namely “Intro: Time”, “Twilight”, “Now”, “Bing Bing”, “White Night” and “English Girl”. With such tracks stacked in, Raise Us can be seen raising the sextet to the next level and more in the upcoming years.

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