P1Harmony And Dazed Korea Releases ‘MIX HARMONY’ – ‘틀 (Breakthrough) (Full Version)


‘MIX HARMONY’, an art collaboration planned by P1Harmony with fashion & culture magazine DAZED. In ‘MIX HARMONY’ P1Harmony collaborated with designer Yoon K.D, 1MILLION choreographer Lee Yoojung•Isabelle and art director May Kim who are professionals of three key areas, such as fashion, performance and artwork in order to showcase the digital single ‘틀 (Breakthrough) (Full Version) in visual output.

‘틀 (Breakthrough) (Full Version)’ is a track that has based the lyrics of P1Harmony’s debut album intro track ‘Intro; 틀 (Breakthrough)’ and expanded the message behind the lyrics. It has the view of P1Harmony as how they see the social frame and standards, and it has the aspirations to go and find one’s true self.

DKPOP India had the pleasure of interviewing the group not long ago. You can check out the interview below


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