P1Harmony Blares the “Siren” In DISHARMONY: STAND OUT [Album Review]


P1Harmony, the second boy group under FNC Entertainment debuted with a sound alarm, announcing the new heroes to the world. The group of six released their first EP DISHARMONY: STAND OUT along with the single, “SIREN” that sends the message of the rise of the peacekeepers. The successors of SF9 took a brief time in familiarizing themselves in the industry and to build up greater anticipation among viewers with various pre-debut contents – dance videos, an exclusive movie, Vlives, and multiple teasers. These initiatives undoubtedly acted as a tool in establishing a stronger fan base for the group. And just as predicted, the group has embarked with a distinct journey.

The Single

“SIREN” is a heavy hip-hop track with powerful and addictive riffs. The single indeed serve an inevitable wake-up call to the fans announcing their grand debut. The song begins with a distinct alarm, like an intro call, and fades away for Jiung to start the verses. “Yeah, Stop us if you can,” he begins, sounding like a fighter in a call-to-action. The song instantly attracts the listeners’ attention with its intriguing verses, combined with effective sound effects and bass beats. With no more delay, Soul and Jongseob precede with a solid pre-chorus while introducing us to the most expected chorus. The chorus is definitely a hook in the track as the addictive beats tend to get stuck in our heads from the very first listen. The repetitive lines, “We are, we are” intentionally sound similar to a siren’s sound “Wee woo, wee woo” – alerting the troop to fall in. 

The second half of the song continues with a high note and shifts for a pre-climatic segment where the rappers, Jongseob and Intak shine as rappers and forerun the upcoming finale. As expected, the song builds up for a chorus-driven climax with the sextet declaring themselves as the rebellious heroes. Despite the rap line having an obvious influence over the track, the members’ vocals and Theo’s breathtaking sharp notes have its charm in making the song wholesome.

As of the lyrics, the group is more confident and bold like their seniors, SF9’s debut. But somehow, P1H sounds more fierce while taking up the responsibility to save the world. But unlike usual rebels, P1Harmony is here to create harmony and prevent the world from falling apart. “Sleep tight, baby. SIREN, I’ll tuck you in bed,” goes the chorus as they assure to restore peace despite the chaotic environment. It is a pleasant surprise to see a debut group bring in a lot of underlying meanings in the lyrics, especially when the members Intak and Jongseob themselves got to write for the track. In the end, the sextet succeeded in bringing out an addictive piece with a beautiful message.

The Music Video

The cinematic music video takes off from where the teasers left us. The choreography-centred music video shines the limelight specifically on the members’ high energy and their heart-throbbing dance moves and also manages to bring out a strong storyline and theories for the viewers to decode. 

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The music video opens up with the members coming together in an empty building to watch a meteor shower destroy the city. The members aren’t surprised by the sudden destruction, which hints that they were aware of what was coming and are prepared to fight. The scene immediately shifts to a room of multiple surveillance cameras and monitors observing every move of the members. But, the members are fearless as ever performing their on-point choreography with the destruction as their background. The lights in the building keep flickering when the red lights glare almost everywhere hinting us preceding danger.

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As the chorus drops, we get to understand that the sirens were set off by the members themselves as they are about to form a clan of commoners. The members act in the frontline and we see Jiung and Soul purposefully breaking the alarms – alerting the city before the disaster hits. Keeho being the leader of the act, is seen standing on a rooftop with a red flare stick, signalling the members and people to fall in. These assembled commoners are to be the courageous heroes for standing out from the ordinary. Another significant reference is the group wearing white outfits while dancing amidst men in black, symbolizing that the members are here to rebel for harmony and peace. As we head to the final part of the video, the members ultimately become the leaders of the mob as they stand atop of cars while the rest of the people are seen cheering them, while standing down. The story doesn’t stop there, as they are yet to fight the odds.

The never slowing down choreography from the rookies wasn’t much of a surprise, as the group has been excelling in different choreographies since pre-debut. The snippets of these performances found in their YouTube channel had built greater expectations for the viewers, and the performance did not disappoint at all. On the whole, the music video was a complete feast and is worth multiple replays.

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Relatable Theories

The teaser of the track featured the marble statue of David, which is often considered as the symbol of strength and youthful beauty. The statue sculpted by Michelangelo also stands for the Renaissance period, the age of revival. In the teaser, we saw Keeho pelting a stone at the statue’s face and the mob following him. This sequence is quite similar to the actual history – the original statue was pelted with stones by a group of protestors. The statue depicts the biblical figure, David, before his battle with Goliath, and is similar to the members who are yet to fight their enemy – whoever or whatever it might be. Also, the statue was rather considered controversial art because of political implications which explains the members’ anger at the statue. 

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If the storyline is supposed to follow from the P1H movie, then there is a high chance of involving time-travelling. The members may have come from the future to prevent the disaster from happening. In the movie, the group was neither aware nor prepared for the sudden destruction caused in the city but by turning back time, they get a chance to prepare themselves for what lies ahead of them. If that is the case then the members are well aware of the current situation and are suited up as new heroes to save the world. 

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The Album

The first track in the album, “Intro; Breakthrough” plays as a perfect intro to kindle our fighter spirits and set us off for a 15 minutes journey with the group. The sextet’s calling is to stand out from the crowd, and this message is reinforced again in the lyrics of the song as Jiung sings, “Mindless puppets outside. I look different.” They call themselves as the “pioneers of a different path”, and invite their fans to join the clan and be part of the revolutionary moment of standing up for oneself. The confidence and courage felt in both their voice modulation and the lyrics which makes us curious to follow their lead.

The fierce fighters are up for a chill and groovy tone with “Nemonade” while maintaining the same energy and confidence. The song is a refreshing melody that features the members’ distinct style and vocalization. With electric guitar and peppy beats, the song is light and funky and carries a strong message for the world. The lyrics of the song mention how the members are being forced in square moulds when their spirits would like to play free. While trying so hard to fit in, the members decide to make their own “nemonade” (beverage) with lemons and enjoy with us by having a different perspective and setting their own standards. 

With “That’s It” the group brings out their millennial charm through raspy verses and funky beats. The song tends to sound like a track from a rap-unit letting the rap-line, Keeho, Jiung, Intak and Jongseob take the spotlight. The groovy instrumentation and catchy tunes instantly make us want to dance along and sing whenever the chorus drops. Keeho gets extra focus as his unexpected English rap verse instantly grabs the attention of the fans and is celebrated throughout the song. the lyrics can signify either or both of these two things – the anxiety of the members during their trainee days and the bizarre state of mind of teenagers. The climatic chants are one of the notable parts of the song that one cannot miss jamming to.

“Butterfly” is a hybrid of R&B and hip-hop infusing electronic beats accompanied with a melody. The song almost sounds like a mournful track with the members’ soothing vocals and mild rap verses. With gentle piano notes, the track opens up as a traditional ballad, but later shifts to bring in electronic instrumental beats to complement the members’ singing. The lyrics penned by the members themselves, make the song even more deep and meaningful. “Everybody force me, Move like a robot. Butterfly with lost wings. Butterfly that wants to fly. Once more, I spread my wings with all might to die,” – they are letting their fans know their thrive to be someone someday. This raw and emotional expression felt in the lyrics connects the group and their fans closer.

The last track in the album, “Skit; Disharmony #1” is a conversation among the group members. The discussion might have been the members’ views on their debut or themselves which seemed expressed their thoughts on the debut.

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Final Thoughts

The album DISHARMONY: STAND OUT is indeed one of the best debut EPs. The tracklist seems to explore different genres and styles in each track, giving room for the members to shine in different ways. The fact that most of the lyrics were penned by the members themselves isn’t something to be missed, especially that it’s a debut group. Unlike any other groups debut, FNC Entertainment has been working a lot in promoting the youngest boy group with different strategies – the inclusion of the movie, P1H casting the members and other fellow actors under the agency. And, so far, the efforts have been paying off really well, with the members equally giving their best prior to debut and now in promotional activities. 

Personally, the group blew my mind with their colours and energy, and would definitely recommend everybody to check them out. It isn’t an overstatement to say that the members have passed in distinction with their first mini-album which eventually makes us want to anticipate what the sextet is up to next.

Make sure to keep an eye on P1Harmony!

Did you listen to P1Harmony’s debut single and EP? If yes, let us know in the comment section what you think of them! If you haven’t, then make sure you do!!


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