Paloalto Releases New ‘Fancy’ Teaser

Paloalto releases dreamy teaser for his single 'Fancy'


Hip-hop soloist Paloalto is back with new single entitled “Fancy”.

On Wednesday 16th March a 35 seconds video teaser of his upcoming single was released through his agency’s Hi-lite Records official youtube channel.

For the album Paloalto collaborated with R&B Musician Dean and Hip-hop rapper Sway D, where all three feature in the video in a mysterious yet cool visually dark and disco atmosphere. The teaser is creative enough to draw the attention of the viewers.

Paloalto made his debut in 2004 with “Footprint” and became one of the favorite hip-hopper since then.He also produced many hit songs like “After this night”, ‘Money flow ‘ and ‘Good times’. His latest single “Turtle ship remix” was released in October 2015 which featured G2, B-Free, Okasian and Zico.

Meanwhile ‘Fancy’ will be released on Friday,  18th March and will be available on all Korean online music websites.

Here is the fascinating teaser for you:

Don’t you think the music will make your mood swing straight? I can’t wait for the song to be released !


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