Park Hae Jin Prepares Another Event For Fans At Debut Anniversary!

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Actor Park Hae Jin, who is holding a free fan meeting for his fans to mark his 10th anniversary since debut, has another surprise for them!

The actor is giving out the fans a chance to work with him! (Yes! Work with him!) A representative from his agency WM Company announced, “We are holding a video competition in celebration of Park Hae Jin’s 10th anniversary.”

Fans will have to make a short video clip on ‘Actor Park Hae Jin’s Tenth Anniversary’, of about 1-5 minutes to participate. The best three videos will be awarded with prize money of about $2,500, $1,600 and $800 respectively. Three more videos will be appreciated with gift cards of about $80 each. But this obviously isn’t the real deal, to add to their delight, the winners will get to work in the video editing team of Park Hae Jin’s company!

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The application period is from March 14 to April 4 and the participants are required to email their videos to [email protected].

As for the anticipated fan meeting which is slated to be held at the SK Handball Gymnasium in Seoul’s Olympic Park (5 P.M). On April 23, a whopping 40,000 fans have already applied for the event. And the number is expected to rise even more since the registration continues until 6 P.M this Thursday.

Do you wish to try your luck for this one?


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