Park Hae Jin In Talks For New Drama !

Yoo Jung sunbae Park Hae Jin may be returning to the small screen sooner .


For all those who are already missing Yoo Jung from ‘Cheese In The Trap’ here is the good news, Yoo Jung aka Park Hae Jin is already considering for a new drama role which may preview by the end of the year.

A representative from WM Company confirmed that Park is positively considering for a bodyguard role in upcoming JTBC drama.

Park Hae Jin has been approached to portray the role of bodyguard for upcoming drama ‘Man To Man’. It is described as a story of a actor and the bodyguard who is bought to protect him.

The actor who will play the celebrity has not been decided yet, but the producers are currently searching for an actor who has great onscreen chemistry with Park.

The drama ‘Man To Man’ is going to be produced by Drama House, the production company which has previous hits like Secret Love Affair, Wife Credentials, Yoo-na’s Street etc. Park’s involvement in Man To Man will likely bring it a lot of extra attention and anticipation.

Man to Man is is looking to broadcast towards the end of the year on JTBC.




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