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The most anticipated debut of the century lies ahead of us as SuperM will be making their way into the industry as the “Avengers of K-pop.” On August 7, the announcement on the new boy group of S.M Entertainment took place at Capitol Music Group’s 2019 Capitol Congress event in Los Angeles, the crowd who witnessed also included famous pop artists like Katy Perry, Nail Horan and more including NCT 127. The supreme septet comprises of Taemin from SHINee, Kai, and Baekhyun from EXO, Taeyoung, and Mark from NCT along with Ten and Lucas from WayV. The seven treasured personalities come together as one under the power of S.M Entertainment and America’s Capitol Music Group.

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Along with the announcements, Mr. Lee SooMan, S.M founder revealed that the group will largely focus on the American market, but will also promote in South Korea. In addition, Chris Lee, A&R executive and CEO of Culture Technology Group Asia Europe at SM Entertainment stated, “We’re maintaining their groups, their solo careers, and on top of this we have this ‘Avengers’ group to pull them together… Just like how the Avengers can have their own successful movies, there is a different kind of energy when they are together as The Avengers. We are now creating that as a point of business. We want to create a synergy between their groups, them as solo acts, and the SuperM group to create a big wave in this K-pop industry,” to the Forbes as an answer to the yet to raise questions among the fans.

Despite all enthusiasm and excitement, a pessimistic approach was given as the stans were much concerned about the idol’s regular life, schedule, and promotions.

While the whole K-world speculated about the yet to debut septet, we decided to ask and listen to the opinions from fans of our own Desi K-world. Destination K-pop India brought in different fans from various K-backgrounds to voice out their ideas, doubts, and suggestions about the most awaited gang, SuperM.

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As the discussion began with a prompt question, “The yet to debut septet, Super M is the major sensation in the K-World. As the group was introduced, there were many responses, both negative and positive. What do you think about SM’s new initiative in establishing the “Avengers of K-pop”?

Jasmeet from Raipur, Chhattisgarh immediately springs up validating the decision of the Entertainment saying, “Super M is an excellent concept they are going for. Bringing out members of different groups from the same company shows the oneness of the idols in the company and their vision to promote K-pop and its artistry in other countries as well. Though it received mixed reviews let’s be honest, we can’t decide anything before the group has debuted.” Being into K-pop for almost 12 years, Jasmeet also adds, “SM has chosen Capitol Records who will promote Super M in the USA and Capitol Records houses big artists like Katy Perry etc so I’m really excited on what they’ll bring to the music scene. I hope SM will not rush with their debut and they put out a great album for their debut as all SM artists have done till now.”

Following the binding idea, Meghna from Uttarakhand continues stating, “As an S.M stan I would say that this can be a smart move that had been made, maybe they’ll go big? Who knows?” With a vivid experience with K-pop since 2012, Meghna not only promoted the idea but also stated the difficulties, injustice, and uncertainty in a realistic tone. “SM needs to give Mark a break, he is just 20 and he’s working too much. He’s in all the subunits except WayV and recently graduated from Dream. Taeyong is being overwhelmed as well. He does a lot tbh.. WayV, idk even what to say. They seem to be left out of the NCT units and you know, I can guess why. Let’s move to EXO and SHINee, Taemin’s solo career and being in Shinee is okay, he’s doing very well. Baekhyun got a solo and it was very poorly managed, same to Jongdae (Chen)’s solo. And EXO as a group, it’s the nation’s pride group for crying out loud and it’s poorly managed. There’s been no EXO comeback as a group I don’t know for how long, their solo activities were not well managed. If EXO didn’t have the great fans that they do now, can you imagine how these solo works would have been? I think making this all temporary will be all good rather than just focusing on SUPER M completely! Their main group, which they are part of, would somehow be left on aside. SM should think properly. They should think about their existing groups too. I hope they’ll go big and I’m excited to see what’s coming.

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The admin of K-pop Mangalore and Kudla Korean fan club, Chethana joined us, voicing out for the confused crowd. “To be honest I am really not sure how I feel about it, I love all 7 members and I will support them but I hope it doesn’t start fan wars (which already have). SM shouldn’t make it messy though and on the other hand, I am excited because the group has amazing vocals, dancers, rappers, and also visual is superior, so let’s hope for the best.” Later, Vishakha from Lucknow identified herself with hope saying, “I’m looking forward to them….as all the idols from the group are well known and they have their own style to catch audience attention….so I’m waiting for their debut. I hope this group brings so many changes in the k-pop industry.”

As the participants stated, it is true that Idols might be pushed to tiring routine, no-rest lifestyle and there also might be careless handling of their present career but we should also make ourselves understand what an Idol life is all about. While concentrating on other groups’ lifespan, it is necessary to rethink about Chris Lee’s assurance of continuing what already exists by abiding the SuperM schedules.

Inclusive of such ideas, when asked, “What might be the actual reason for Super M’s debut?” Jasmeet answers, “In my opinion, I have always seen SM Entertainment as a company which had always released some new and creative projects in the Kpop world. Whether it is a Group or a project group, SM Entertainment has made a mark in the Kpop industry for bringing something new to the table. I feel, SM noticed the growing influence of Kpop all over the world and hence they decided to do this project to spread the Hallyu wave more to other countries.Meghna later adds up, “See SM is always been famous for being UNIQUE, and I think putting the best members talented and of course  Big groups can go big… That’s what SM strategy really is.”

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By exchanging various exposures and thoughts, the discussion finally came to an end by agreeing to the fact that it is worth a try. It is true that we are unsure about what is to come from the act and what waits for them in the industry, but all we can do is wait till their debut to see how the world responds to the titled “Avengers of K-pop.”

SuperM will make their debut on October 4, with their first mini-album SuperM. The albums, which are made available for pre-order, have eight different versions. Check out their Intro below!

How excited are you to see SuperM?

Comment your thoughts below.

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