Playlist: SM Station Favourites


It’s surprising and humbling all at once, how the K-Pop world always comes up with new ways to enjoy and create new music. This year’s biggest gem has been the digitally launch SM Station by SM Entertainment which allows brilliant artists from all over the world to collaborate and create music.

Everyone has always been all-praise for SM (other than the occasional slander for their ‘slave’ contracts). But they do so, for a reason. SM, with their SM Station, have managed to create a stage that doesn’t differentiate between entertainment companies or artists. They have collected absolute gems of artists ranging from singers to sound engineers and producers – that are note-worthy for their talents. We have some hits in ever year but SM Station is a brilliant place where every song is carefully constructed to be a hit.

That’s not easy to do. So we have compiled a playlist of our favorite songs and collaboration, with a little story about ‘why we like it’.


  1. Rain  / Taeyeon: Songs about the monsoon or the rain, can never lose out. I do believe its a rule of thumb to make atleast one amazing song about the rain, and have it be a hit. Taeyeon’s sweet alto voice has been overshadowed by TaTiSeo a lot of times in SNSD, but she finally takes her place with this single. What I love most about this song, more than the lyrics and the jazzy beat, is it’s attention to detail. There is a huge attention to the soft tinkling of piano sounds, with guitar strums and even rain sounds. Clearly, this one is a win for sound production.
  2. Borders / Amber Liu: It’s hard not to have such an honest and heart warming song on this list. I’ve been a huge fan of Amber Liu for a while now. Some songs are honest because of their lyrics and some songs are honest because of the honest artists that are brave enough to truly tell their story. The song is pretty simple it doesn’t boast of sound engineering mastery, but its simplicity suits its colour and therefore, it’s brilliant. ‘Border’s talks about living in a different place, away from home, and bringing courage to those who live across borders.
  3. Lil’ Something / Chen X Heize X Vibe: I like this song, just because. We’ve all had those songs that we love just because of it’s mood don’t we? With this one, it puts its listener in a happy mood quite like a summer evening when it’s begun to cool down and you’re hanging out with your friends. It’s a feeling of bubbling happiness and a calm serenity to it. With Chen and Heize’s voice coming together for this one, it’s hard not to love it.
  4. Pain Poem / Kim Bum Soo X Kenzie: Let me begin this by saying – KIM BUM SOO. Anything this man makes has a touch of sadness and old worldly charm that is hard to resist. Pain Poem is beautifully written lyrics combined old school guitar sounds with slow strumming. It reminds me of Trax’s Cold Hearted Man. The song uses simple sounds but manages to warm your heart, even with it’s sad music.
  5. No Matter What / BoA X BEENZINO: This is one song where I love the video more than the music. Thanks to Beenzino, we finally enter into the modern world music with EDM combined with BoA’s angelic voice. Fast lyrics? Check. Beat Drops? Check. Electric Piano? CHECK CHECK. And a dance break with what seems like a flute? All I know is that it’s brilliant. Best, Musical arrangement.
  6. Definition of Love / Lee Dong Woo X Orphee: If you want to take it way way back to black jazz, grand piano and a little bit of gospel – this is it. Definition of Love is an interesting love song which focusses more on the friends and family around you, instead of that one special person. Everytime Orphee sings, I feel my heart melt and my world disappear. His voice is like soft honey and pardon me, but it reminds me of maple syrup? This, is one of my favourite musical experiments.
  7. All Mine / f(x): I’ve added this into the list only because I love f(x) and I do feel like they’ve been left out from this goodness for a while now. Absolutely biased, yes. But then again, aren’t we all biased (MUWAHAHAHA). In typical f(x) fashion, this song is electric pop with EDM dance breaks. What’s more to love, is it’s personal MV which looks a lot like what Amber would shoot. If you miss Victoria’s cute face and Krystal’s brilliant ballad vocal – check this one out.

That was our list, but what’s yours? We seem to have left out quite a bit of brilliant songs and we are sure SM will spare no time in giving us some more brilliant songs. Let us know in the comments, which were your favorites?


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