[PLAYLIST] Top 20 KPop Songs to Wake You Up in the Morning!


All of us seem to struggle to get up in the morning, no matter how much sleep we get, and the battle against the clock can be hard to win! But don’t fear, KPop is here! With these 20 energizing KPop tracks, you will get up in the morning in an instant, ready to start your day with a smile on your face.

Listen to these super energetic and hyperactive tracks and AWAKEN yourself! In no particular order,

24K- Superfly

This earthshaking, mind-blowingly hyper, and astonishingly fast paced track, is the very opposite of “chill”. The six member boy group 24K released this song in September 2015 to blow us all away with this gem! Combining New Orleans bounce, snarling rap verses, 90s techno breaks and their very own brand of 24K swag, this track certainly lives up to the group’s name! 24K gold, indeed!

CNBLUE- Love Girl

The chiming guitar riffs and smooth bass line of the song will make you get up no matter where you are. The four member rock band CNBLUE definitely knew about the impact this track would make when they released it in 2011 on their first studio album! Armed with a gorgeous hook and a catchy chorus that will stay in your head throughout the week, the appealing vocals and beautiful harmonies will have you up on your feet and dancing to this song in no time!


It seems that the five member rock band FTISLAND were determined to wake everybody in the world up when they released the hard rock gem “Pray” in 2015! The thundering drums, unforgiving guitars, and powerful wailing vocals steer the track towards thrash metal, however, the subtly controlled vocals give it a frantic, energetic feeling that makes you want to throw something out of the window and smash all the doors (school doors and office doors included) to break free from anything that’s holding you back!

2PM- A.D.T.O.Y.

The seven member boy group 2PM produced this melting pot of genres when they came out with “A.D.T.O.Y.”, short for “All Day I Think of You”, in 2013. Refused to be classified as strictly urban, this track infuses shockingly contemporary hip-hop, R&B, trap, dubstep amd old-school soul all into one. The edgy rap verses suddenly switch up into a smooth falsetto, making the aggressively catchy chorus a thousand times better. At the end, you are left with a racing heart and sweat all over from dancing too much!

BTS- Dope

The hard-hitting percussive beats, haughty vocal line, savage rap verses and harmonious rhythmic claps all lead up deliciously to the highly anticipated hook of this track by seven member group BTS. The exotic hook features catchy and bizarre loud, sharp squeals of the saxophone, and is marked by a soulful high note bridge. This explosive track will make you get moving!

AOA- Heart Attack

This quick tempo electropop track by seven member group AOA will get you through that cardiac workout! The pounding beat is a combination of a variety of sounds- zippy synths, stadium cheering noise and super boisterous EDM dance music, making “Heart Attack” upbeat and hard hitting! There’s so much going on in the background that it forces you to jolt awake! The crystal clear vocals balance out the intensity of the song, making you bounce along!

EXID- Ah Yeah 

Featuring the highly repetitive and insanely catchy hooks five member group EXID is well-known for, the sassy horns and saxophone sounds in “Ah Yeah” deliver a message of breaking free from boundaries people have placed you in! The powerful vocals and clever rap verses freely intertwine throughout this energetic number, giving this song a unique flavor! Will you end up loving this song? “AH YEAH!”

EXO- Call Me Baby

Worldwide phenomenon EXO came out with this earworm and gave us major throwback feels with the late 90s and early 2000s boy band feeling of the song. The intense combination of powerful beats, catchy hooks, dynamic rap verses, dance breakdowns, coupled with the quirky finger snaps seen near the bridge, all lead this track to becoming one of the best alarm clock songs in the world!

N.flying- Awesome

Rookie funk/ rock/ rap band N.Flying immediately makes you want to get grooving with the super catchy track, “Awesome”! The diversity and uniqueness of the track is highlighted by an eclectic piano fusion with a continuously catchy guitar riff and rapidly delivered rap verses, and a “la la la la la” in the chorus gets you to sing along as soon as the song starts! Perfect to wake you up in the morning!

SHINee- Married to the Music

One of the most curious tracks in five member group SHINee‘s catalogue is their last release, “Married to the Music”. The bizarre theme of the song coupled with the throwback Michael Jackson influences make for an explosive listening experience. The dynamic vocals and smoothly delivered falsetto notes work well with the atypical and complex chord progression, and makes the track an impressive and musically interesting work to get up to!

Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry

Arguably regarded as the song that made KPop famous around the globe, the iconic “Sorry, Sorry” by long running group Super Junior remains as one of the best things in the world to get up to. The urban club dance house music, clever use of electronic synths, the direct and smart vocals, and the catchy chorus all combined together make for an upbeat rhythmic listening experience!

F(x)- Electric Shock

Widely known as one of the experimental groups of KPop, the then five member group f(x) came out with this maddeningly catchy track to further cement their reputation as one of the hottest groups. The “na na na na na na na” laden chorus with the sweet and slightly sad sounding lead lines, mixed with heavy club pop music and intelligent lyrics, makes it a definite winner. Fun fact, the first syllable of each line of the verses spell out “Electric Shock” in Korean!

Infinite- The Chaser

The rave 80s synth-rock blitz of ragged electric guitar riffs and funky guitar chords topped off with explosive synths is a dynamic package of electronic energy from the seven member group Infinite, and also one of their greatest releases. The frantic energy of the song is attributed to the intense instrumental and hard hitting chorus, making you jump up on the floor and dance!

Wonder Girls- Nobody

The iconic song that made KPop a global phenomenon, “Nobody”, by the long running group Wonder Girls, remains as one of the most loved KPop songs to this date. The highly repetitive lyrics and easy to sing along to chorus are the top strengths of this song. It will definitely make you want to get up and start performing the famous dance moves along with the group!

Girls’ Generation- Gee

The “nation’s girl group”, Girls’ Generation, shot to worldwide fame with this legendary song in 2009. The incredibly addictive and insanely catchy hook keeps you coming back for more, one listen is all you need to keep humming this song for the rest of the day! Gee, gee, gee, gee, gee!

Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra

The bad girls of KPop, Brown Eyed Girls, dropped the revolutionary and iconic track “Abracadabra” in 2008 and shook up the entire scene with their modern dance music and unapologetic lyrics, coupled with killer vocals and the legendary “Arrogant dance”, which was also used by PSY years later in the video for the song “Gentleman”. One listen to this song equals to about ten cups of straight-up caffeine.

KARA- Step

The then five member group KARA created this delightful slice of dance pop especially to make you “Step it Up!” Catchy, electronic, colorful, and fun, this song commands your attention from the first verse itself. The 1980s pop synthesiser beats build up to a huge chorus, and the sparkling electric guitar riff in the middle makes this song an intense package of enthusiasm and charisma!

T-ARA- Yayaya

The group T-ARA produced a winner with the nonsensically fantastic “Yayaya” in 2012. The lyrics alone by themselves make no sense at all, but together with the insanely catchy music, they sound strangely good. The monstrous hook and catchy synths along with a subtle guitar sound turn this track into a fiery club thumper!

2NE1- Gotta Be You

One of the more underrated tracks in the the then four member group 2NE1‘s roster, “Gotta Be You” was widely criticized for its outlandishly colorful music video. However, the catchy synths and funky drum beats of the song can’t be ignored, and coupled with the smart vocal and rap verses, it is one of those songs you just can’t skip over!

4MINUTE- Crazy

The five member group 4MINUTE produced this awesomely edgy track in 2015, and declared that they would just go “C-R-A-Z-Y” without caring what anyone thinks. The hip-hop infused dance track fully utilizes the amazing vocals and bold beats, and presents this perfectly energetic package of pure awesomeness. Just what you need to roll out of your bed!

There are many other tracks which were omitted in this list, and will be included another time in another post! What are the tracks which you thought we missed out on?


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